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    Posted on August 14 2017

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    Posted on February 16 2017

    Storytelling through pictures is a very useful technique because visual stimuli always settle deep in your mind. On the other hand, these illustrations also help you a lot in concept designing as well as in book illustrations. The importance of these comics and cartoons can be measured in terms of their impact on our minds. For instance, if you are told a story you won’t be able to appreciate it as much as if you were shown pictures. Pictures, cartoons, comics, and illustrations make a certain impact on your mind, especially the setting and the color schemes. You tell a story in few pictures for which you will have to use a thousand words.

    You cannot become a master of cartoons and paintings instantly because it is a step by step process which takes some time. It involves imagination, as well as technical effort. On the other hand, as the sketching and graphing are very important for cartoons and comics, in a similar manner, coloring is also extremely important. All the written details on the comic books take some time to get absorbed in your mind, but pictures and coloring, these are the things that tell you about the situation immediately.

    If you are interested in painting cartoons and comics, you will find the following guideline very helpful.


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