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Posted on 16 February 2017

Storytelling through pictures is a very useful technique because visual stimuli always settle deep in your mind. On the other hand, these illustrations also help you a lot in concept designing as well as in book illustrations. The importance of these comics and cartoons can be measured in terms of their impact on our minds. For instance, if you are told a story you won’t be able to appreciate it as much as if you were shown pictures. Pictures, cartoons, comics, and illustrations make a certain impact on your mind, especially the setting and the color schemes. You tell a story in few pictures for which you will have to use a thousand words.

You cannot become a master of cartoons and paintings instantly because it is a step by step process which takes some time. It involves imagination, as well as technical effort. On the other hand, as the sketching and graphing are very important for cartoons and comics, in a similar manner, coloring is also extremely important. All the written details on the comic books take some time to get absorbed in your mind, but pictures and coloring, these are the things that tell you about the situation immediately.

If you are interested in painting cartoons and comics, you will find the following guideline very helpful.

Focus On the Character

If you want to make a compelling character, you must have a very strong image of that character in your mind before you transfer it to the page. The character can also be from real life situations and it isn’t necessarily supposed to be an abstract one. In fact, it is better if you pick a character from daily life because in this manner you will be able to make a detailed image.

If you think you aren’t very good at digitalizing the sketches, then make sure you practice on the sketch pads as much as you can. Initially, make sketches on the sketch pad, and if you think any sketch is worthy to be transferred to the digital work, transfer it only then. If you are looking for comic books, cartoon books and illustrations online, you can explore these on Groupon, which you can get at discounted prices.


Since painting cartoons and comics is a highly creative work, therefore it also depends on your mood as well as on your overall likes and dislikes of coloring, setting, images as well as many other items that are used in sketching. It is always possible to change the color scheme of the sketches, but the colors you choose primarily depend on your mood.

For instance, when the illustrators are sad, they usually choose dark colors and make the obscure and dark environment. On the other hand, if the illustrator is in the good mood, he is more likely to choose brighter environment as well as light color schemes. The point in telling all these things is that the flow of your work should move with your mood.

A quite Space

Which type of illustration you make and what things come to your mind when you are trying to give shape to an idea also depends on the environment around you. If you are working in a quiet and peaceful environment, the characters you will make will be more like relaxed beings and the overall tone of the comic will be happier. On the other hand, if you are working in a very noisy environment and there is a lot of trouble and hustle bustle around you, it is probable that you will make characters that are frustrated. The lighting of the room in which you are drawing is also very important because you should light your room in a way that there should be no shadows, otherwise they will distract you.

Pencils and Boards

The choice of pencils and boards used for final sketching is also very important. There are different types of boards available in the market, for instance, there are smooth boards which are for those persons who have lots of practice in sketching. On the other hand, there are boards which are little rough. If you are a new starter, these rough boards might be appropriate for you.

As far as the pencils are concerned, you can choose Faber Castel having the 2B lead.


Lettering and the written descriptions are also very important aspects of a complete comic or cartoon book. Most people use the computer fonts, while others who are too careful of the design, write wit their own hands. This is quite a difficult task and time consuming as well, but if you are a perfectionist, you will have to do this.

Inking the Characters

How you ink the final sketched characters determines the final color schemes of the digitalized prints. There are different sorts of brushes available in the market. Few people are comfortable using the small brushes while the others prefer large brushes. Small brushes will take extra time when you are giving shades to the characters and the large brushes require some experience, and only then you will be able to use them properly.

It is suggested that you should use darker ink instead of the ordinary inks that we use in the fountain pens. This dark ink will look much better when you digitalize the print.


The background in the comics, cartoons, and illustrations is more important than anything else because it tells you a lot about the context. Whatever background you make, you must keep in mind that it should suit the overall theme of the story.

This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.

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