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About Wackymons

Hello! We are Wackymons! Your wacky neighbourhood monster buddies! 

Wackymons ®, a character design brand is a group of wacky monsters with their own unique wacky personalities.  In Wackymonsland is full of happiness and positive energy because we believe that happiness is the most important thing in life!  There is a child in everyone's heart, we are all Wackymons!  Stay Wacky, Be Happy!

大家好!我們是古靈精怪獸 Wackymons,你的鄰家怪獸好朋友!

在古靈精怪獸 Wackymons® 的世界裡,每一位古靈精怪獸們都有自己的名字和獨特的個性,他們是一群愛搞怪又喜歡作弄人的好朋友,每天都會有一些新鮮的趣事發生,然而不管是好事壞事大家都會以正面的心態去面對。希望能透過創作將歡樂與正能量傳遞給更多的朋友。如果你也是一位長不大的孩子,古靈精怪獸歡迎你成為我們的好朋友!我們想告訴你:童心未泯,是一件值得驕傲的事!

There are 8 key characters - Lofing, Shiek, Hamburg, Missy, Bunnie, MooMoo and Lazyworm & Bearnie who live in this fantastic dreamland.  These nature's creatures they serve as defenders of their homeland from the unknown attackers.  They use their heart and patience in creating the world of their dreams.  Even though the homeland has changed and been dominated by parasites, they are still filled with optimism as they try to adapt to their new surroundings.  Their positive energies come from their smiles as they unite to defend their dream home.



We hope you enjoy our design as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!

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